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Special roundtable with Simon Russell and Gareth A Hopkins

In this very wholesome threesome, Simon Russell and Gareth A Hopkins rejoin Uncomics host Allan Haverholm to discuss what really sets uncomics apart from, say, a Google image search; the...

Comics are a chemical process: Simon Russell

Simon Russell is a man of many hats in the British comics scene — (un)comics creator, editor, graphic designer, and more. He talks to host Allan Haverholm about miscolouring Garfield,...

Behind the Uncomics anthology: Mattias Elftorp

Mattias Elftorp describes the work process that went into his Uncomics anthology contribution, "Outside"

Behind the Uncomics anthology: Laurel Lynn Leake

An inside look at Lauren Lynn Leake's process making her Uncomics anthology piece, "Pull quote"

Behind the Uncomics anthology: Gareth A Hopkins

In this short essay from the Uncomics anthology, Gareth A Hopkins lays out his process and influences.

Work produces work - Gareth A Hopkins' unending process

Gareth A Hopkins started his comics career by making an abstract reworking of his favorite 2000 A.D. comic book. Since then, he has returned to his own work time and...