With his pencil as his witness — Warren Craghead III, part one

With his pencil as his witness — Warren Craghead III, part one

Since his 1996 Xeric Grant-winning zine Speedy, Warren Craghead III has been at the forefront of North American avantgarde comics. Whether he is chronicling his daughters growing up, witnessing atrocities (or presidencies) play out on his TV screen, or reporting World War I and the Armenian genocide at a century’s delay, his work is a radically open, unflinching engagement with the world.

This 2018 interview is the first of two talks Uncomics host Allan Haverholm had with Craghead. An edited transcript is available here. The next part, recorded in our pandemic year of 2020, is out tomorrow!

Warren Craghead is a featured artist in the Uncomics anthology, out now!

The galleries below only cover the works discussed in this artist talk. You are strongly encouraged to visit the artist’s website, which contains links to his multitude of project sites and very active social accounts. Warren’s books and zines are available from his own site, as well as from Leaf & Signal.


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Works discussed

Seed Toss (1998–)

Using the world as a publication platform.

Fauves (2012–)

Ladyh8rs, USAh8rs (2012–2021)

Medz Yeghern (2015–2019)

Daily drawings to memorialise the Armenian genocide.

La Grande Guerre (2014–)

Trump Trump (2015–2019)

Daily drawings of Donald Trump’s presidency, from nomination through his defeat.

untitled (2014)

Drawn from images of victims of a gas attack in Ghouta, Syria

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