Aidan Koch on the ecologies of comics and fine art

Aidan Koch on the ecologies of comics and fine art

You will be hard pressed to find a better exemplar of an artist bridging contemporary art and comics than Aidan Koch. She is a long time alternative comics favourite, exhibited and published by the Whitney museum and MoMA — her suggestive and fragmented narratives spanning comics, animation, art installations and jewellery.

Make yourself comfortable as Uncomics host Allan Haverholm sits down to talk to Aidan Koch about straddling two very different art worlds; making comics inspired by classic works of art; and applying her art to urgent environmental concerns.

The galleries below only cover the works discussed in this conversation. You really should visit Aidan’s website for a more extensive inventory of her books and exhibitions, as well as her current projects!


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Works discussed

Iris (2016)

The whale (2010)

Images courtesy of a Spanish review of the book

The blonde woman (2012)

La éspiral (2020?)

Impressions (2014)

Configurations (2014)

Published online at Comics Workbook

Heavenly seas (2015)

in Paris review

Light drifting up a wall (2016)

from “Dreamlands” group exhibition at Whitney museum of American art

See also a video of Aidan’s animation (Youtube link)

Little angels (2016)

Published as part of MoMA’s artbook series

Man made lake (2020)

Mentioned in the talk as “just published this week”…

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Allan Haverholm

Allan Haverholm

Allan Haverholm is a graphic artist, independent artistic researcher, editor, curator and performer. His experimental comics practice has been exhibited across Europe and North America, and he has given talks, courses and workshops across Northern Europe. Since his 2015 abstract comic "When the last story is told", he has formulated the field of uncomics to describe and study similar multidisciplinary practices in comics and contemporary arts.

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