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2022 — an (informal) review

A look back at the first illustrious year of the Uncomics project.

The odradek of it all: Transcript

In which Uncomics podcast host Allan Haverholm meditates on Kafka's tangled and ambiguous character, the odradek.

Unlearning comics

The trouble with comics, and the field of uncomics. Read an excerpt from Allan Haverholm's article in the Uncomics print anthology.

An uncomics manifesto

Presenting the four theses of uncomics.

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Behind the Uncomics anthology: Mattias Elftorp

Mattias Elftorp describes the work process that went into his Uncomics anthology contribution, "Outside"

Behind the Uncomics anthology: Laurel Lynn Leake

An inside look at Lauren Lynn Leake's process making her Uncomics anthology piece, "Pull quote"

Behind the Uncomics anthology: Gareth A Hopkins

In this short essay from the Uncomics anthology, Gareth A Hopkins lays out his process and influences.

The Uncomics anthology is out!

A first look at the Uncomics anthology, available now!

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The odradek of it all: a Kafka coda to the first season of the Uncomics podcast

In which Uncomics podcast host Allan Haverholm meditates on Kafka's tangled and ambiguous character, the odradek. Please see shownotes on for transcript.

Mark Badger, from Donald Judd to Batman and everything in between

When Mark Badger started out as a comics artist working for Marvel and DC Comics, his fine arts influences alienated his editors so much they singled him out as the...

Aidan Koch on the ecologies of comics and fine art

You will be hard pressed to find a better exemplar of an artist bridging contemporary art and comics than Aidan Koch. She is a long time alternative comics favourite, exhibited...

Performing an Ollie: Oliver East on his artistic negotiations with space and place

As often as other artists have cited Oliver East on the Uncomics podcast, it was a matter of time before host Allan Haverholm sat down to talk with himself about...

The many transformations, cycles, and layers of Dunja Janković

Through the 2010s, Dunja Janković churned out dizzying, confounding and increasingly abstract comics, before she turned her creative focus to other art media like art installation and screen printing. Talking...

A mass for you to untangle: Peony Gent on her comics and installation art

Between her ambiguous comics, gorgeous illustrations, installation art, and quilt making(!), Peony Gent is a renaissance multi-hyphenate. In this episode, she sits down with host Allan Haverholm to explain how...

Special roundtable with Simon Russell and Gareth A Hopkins

In this very wholesome threesome, Simon Russell and Gareth A Hopkins rejoin Uncomics host Allan Haverholm to discuss what really sets uncomics apart from, say, a Google image search; the...

Comics are a chemical process: Simon Russell

Simon Russell is a man of many hats in the British comics scene — (un)comics creator, editor, graphic designer, and more. He talks to host Allan Haverholm about miscolouring Garfield,...

Work produces work - Gareth A Hopkins' unending process

Gareth A Hopkins started his comics career by making an abstract reworking of his favorite 2000 A.D. comic book. Since then, he has returned to his own work time and...

The tangled weft of Erin Curry

A silk spinner, textile artist and sculptor, Erin Curry weaves comics into most of her work. Her early exposure in "Best American Comics 2014", of an abstract work made on...

ABCD (Always Be Crazy Drawing)— Warren Craghead III, part two

The Uncomics Craghead-aganza continues in this second talk with Warren Craghead III, where he and host Allan Haverholm expand upon his practice, the amount of talent at comics festivals compared...

With his pencil as his witness — Warren Craghead III, part one

Since his 1996 Xeric Grant-winning zine "Speedy", Warren Craghead III has been at the forefront of North American avantgarde comics. Whether he is chronicling his daughters growing up, witnessing atrocities...

Rosaire Appel: a restless one-woman anthology

A life long artist, Rosaire Appel spent years in the dark room and as a writer. Even if asemic comics and art books were a later shift in her oeuvre...

An introduction to the Uncomics podcast: What and why are uncomics?

Comics is a fuzzy term to begin with. Ask a hundred people what comics are, and you will probably get as many different answers. To discuss things on the intersection...

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With his pencil as his witness — Warren Craghead (transcript)

Edited transcript of a conversation between Warren Craghead and Allan Haverholm on 2018-01-17, published as episode 3 of the Uncomics podcast.

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Badger's eve view: Roshi Kremer's Little Dot

Mark's new obsession is with the classic cartoon comics of Warren Kremer, artist of "Casper the friendly ghost" and others...

Badger's eye view: Dancing with paint and ideas

Mark Badger on the gestural uncomics of Joan Mitchell

Badger's eye view: Diving into Matisse

In which Mark Badger continues his exploration of Matisse's "Swimming pool" frieze

Badger's eye view: On meditation and Matisse

In which Mark Badger discusses Henri Matisse's Swimming pool and practicing meditation.

New column: Badger's eye view

In a new series of posts, Mark Badger gives his unique perspective on Modern Art as comics. First up are Donald Judd's plywood boxes!