Behind the Uncomics anthology: Laurel Lynn Leake

Behind the Uncomics anthology: Laurel Lynn Leake

Uncomics anthology contributor Laurel Lynn Leake posted the following to tumblr:

UNCOMICS are here!

The international comics art magazine C’est Bon Anthology’s latest issue is out, and it’s a gorgeous collection of abstract comics, featuring yours truly! are they art? are they comics? YES!

It’s been exhilarating seeing how all the other contributors uniquely interpret the title concept of un/comics, breaking down the “sequence” of “sequential art” into abstract, poetic forms. For own my piece “Pull Quote”, I traced layered magazine spreads with colored pencil and blurry alcohol-based markers, twisting and pulling the design “architecture” into taffy, and I had a blast.

Pencils for Laurel Lynn Leake’s contribution to the Uncomics anthology, Pull quote

Finished piece in coloured pencil and marker.

Laurel continues, “if you’re curious about how abstract art gets made, I’ve got a post up for my patrons with the pencils for this piece”, so go and support her work!

Laurel Lynn Leake is a featured artist in the Uncomics anthology, out now!

From Pull quote, Laurel Lynn Leake’ scontribution to the Uncomics anthology:

Allan Haverholm

Allan Haverholm

Allan Haverholm is a graphic artist, independent artistic researcher, editor, curator and performer. His experimental comics practice has been exhibited across Europe and North America, and he has given talks, courses and workshops across Northern Europe. Since his 2015 abstract comic "When the last story is told", he has formulated the field of uncomics to describe and study similar multidisciplinary practices in comics and contemporary arts.

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